The Citizens National Bank
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About Us

The Citizens National Bank of Southwestern Ohio is a community bank operating in West Central and Southwest Ohio. The bank is focused on helping individuals; partnerships and businesses meet their financial goals by providing high quality financial services.

Bank Services

As a community bank, TCNB is dedicated to being the best financial partner any individual or small to medium sized business could want. Relationship management is the key to the success for TCNB. Decisions are made locally and are time sensitive. Beyond offering high quality products, the bank differentiates itself within the marketplace through its focus on customer care. Employees are expertly trained and empowered to assist customers with their needs, the phone is answered personally and answers are provided when the customers ask. The bank has competitive rates and a full range of banking products. 

TCNB values financial soundness, fairness, and ethical conduct and provides dignity and respect to customers. Error-free service, as well as innovative and cost effective service is an integral part of the bank's value system.

The Citizens National Bank believes the best way to consistently create and sustain shareholder value is to satisfy the needs of the individual customer.  As a community bank, TCNB has a full range of products and services for both the private individual and businesses.

Mission Statement

To be the Premier Relationship Bank in the communities we serve.  We offer personal attention to our customers and provide support for our community.  We are in business to achieve profitable growth for our shareholders, customers and employees in a financially sound environment.